Sara Duterte Opts for Private Discussion with Bongbong, Shunning Liza’s Personal Feelings

sara duterte


A potentially explosive clash between First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos and Vice President Sara Duterte, a formidable figure in her own right, is avoided, causing a seismic tremor to tremble through the halls of Philippine politics. Rather, she chooses to have a private conversation about his wife’s recent contentious interview with her father, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. Sara’s choice to put a private conversation with Bongbong Marcos ahead of Liza’s “personal feelings” is a pivotal moment that goes beyond simple political gamesmanship and reveals much about the complex web of familial and political ties. This piece examines Sara’s premeditated action and its ramifications for the fragile power dynamics inside the Marcos family, dissecting the mystery surrounding it.

sara duterte

Duterte-Marcos Dynamics

The connection between the Duterte and Marcos families in Philippine politics is significant, with roots stretching back to the time of Ferdinand Marcos’ rule. Rodrigo Duterte, now president, has a history in politics alongside Marcos Sr. During the 2016 elections, Duterte and Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. ran together, hinting at a shared agenda.

Sara Duterte, Rodrigo’s daughter and a key political figure, shares her father’s approach to governance. Bongbong Marcos, seeking to restore his family’s legacy, appeals to those nostalgic for his father’s rule.

Though there are historical ties and some shared goals, tensions exist between the Duterte and Marcos camps, especially as both have eyes on the presidency. These dynamics will shape future elections and the course of Philippine politics, influencing not only who wins but also policy decisions and the state of democracy in the country.


Sara Duterte’s Strategic Move

Sara Duterte demonstrated a planned strategy to negotiating political dynamics by choosing a private discussion with Bongbong Marcos and ignoring Liza’s personal feelings. Sara wants to further her position within her family’s political network and possibly advance her own political goals, therefore she has made a private meeting with a prominent political player like Bongbong Marcos her top priority.

This deliberate move demonstrates Sara’s skill at using relationships with family and forging strategic alliances to further her political goals. Sara has to tread carefully as she navigates the complex web of Philippine politics, as it also raises concerns about the ramifications of marginalizing Liza and maybe offending her followers.


Sara’s Political Ambitions

Sara Duterte’s decision to prioritize a private conversation with Bongbong Marcos suggests her focus on strengthening her political position. By aligning herself with Bongbong, she may enhance her chances of holding higher office. However, this move may also strain her relationship with Liza and could lead to a loss of support from those who value open communication. Sara’s strategy highlights her ambition and willingness to make tough decisions, but it also raises questions about her ability to maintain public trust and support in the long run.

Sara Duterte’s Exclusion of Liza and Political Dynamics

Sara Duterte’s exclusion of Liza from the private discussion hints at a strategic shift in alliances and loyalties within the political landscape. It signifies Sara’s calculated move to forge closer ties with Bongbong Marcos, a prominent figure in Philippine politics, while potentially distancing herself from Liza’s influence. This maneuver could have ripple effects across the political spectrum, impacting not only Sara’s relationship with Liza but also reshaping alliances and power dynamics within the broader political community.

By prioritizing her discussion with Bongbong, Sara may be signaling her intention to align herself more closely with his political agenda, potentially leveraging his support to advance her own ambitions. However, this move also carries risks, as it could alienate Liza’s supporters and create friction within the Marcos family’s political network. Thus, Sara’s exclusion of Liza from the discussion highlights the intricate dance of power and alliances that characterizes Philippine politics, where personal relationships often intersect with strategic calculations to shape the course of political events.

Speculation and Analysis

Vice President Sara Duterte’s choice to prioritize a private conversation

Regarding Vice President Sara Duterte’s decision to give emphasis to a private discussion with Bongbong Marcos over tending to Liza Araneta-Marcos’ emotional needs, conjecture and analysis abound in Philippine politics. Many people conjecture about Sara’s possible presidential ambitions, perceiving her alliance with Bongbong Marcos as a calculated step to support her political prospects.

Others examine the workings of the Marcos family’s political network, speculating on how Sara’s choice would alter the dynasty’s power structures and wider political coalitions. The consequences of Sara’s move for Philippine governance are also up for discussion; some are worried about the consolidation of power within a single political family. Talks about the political climate and democratic trajectory of the nation will be shaped by these conjectures as Sara’s political journey develops.

Public Perception and Reaction: Sara Duterte’s Diplomatic Move

Sara Duterte’s choice to have private discussions with Bongbong Marcos has stirred a mix of reactions among the Filipino public.

1. Practical Move: Some see Sara’s decision as a practical move in dealing with the complexities of Philippine politics. They believe private talks could lead to more honest discussions and positive outcomes.

2. Unity and Stability: Others think Sara’s move could promote unity and stability in a politically divided environment. They see it as a way to build bridges and find common ground.

1. Lack of Transparency: Critics are concerned about the lack of transparency in Sara’s decision. They worry that closed-door talks might hide shady deals and go against principles of openness.

2. Betrayal of Principles: Some feel Sara’s move contradicts her family’s past opposition to the Marcos regime. They see it as a betrayal of democratic values and human rights.


In conclusion, there has been a great deal of conjecture and research in Philippine politics on Vice President Sara Duterte’s choice to give priority to a private meeting with Bongbong Marcos, while disregarding Liza Araneta-Marcos’ sentiments. Sara may be positioning herself for future political ventures and reorganizing connections within the Marcos family’s political network, as suggested by this move, which suggests her strategic maneuvering.

It also raises concerns about how to strike a balance between one’s personal and professional goals, as well as the larger ramifications for the Philippines’ democratic system of government. The consequences of Sara’s actions will continue to echo throughout the political landscape as her political journey develops, influencing narratives and perceptions about the future course of national governance.


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