Lakers falter in the fourth quarter and fall to the Nuggets on a buzzer beater

lakers vs nuggets

The Lakers vs Nuggets Game 2 NBA Playoffs 2024 was a surprising turn of events, especially considering their commanding 20-point lead in the second half. 🏀🏀

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lakers vs nuggets

The Lakers suffered their worst defeat to the Nuggets to date on Monday, falling short of a 20-point lead midway through the second half and trailing 2-0 in the series as Denver defeated them 101-99 on a Jamal Murray buzzer-beater.

After scoring 32 points with 11 rebounds, two assists, a steal, and a block, Anthony Davis placed the Lakers on his back. After a persistent lack of production against the Nuggets, D’Angelo Russell showed up and scored 23 points while shooting 7-11 from outside the arc.

LeBron James disheveled 12 assists in addition to scoring 26 points. He pulled down eight rebounds as well. D’Angelo Russell and Michael Porter Jr. traded 3-pointers to start the game. The Lakers easily jumped off to a 10-point lead as the Nuggets had trouble scoring, in part because of LeBron’s spectacular block on Jamal Murray.

Lakers vs Nuggets Game 2 First Half

Given how hot both teams were offensively, there was an electrifying vibe between them. Nikola Jokić made a three-pointer, cutting the Lakers’ advantage to five. AD began to take over more of the offensive responsibilities as LeBron rested. Despite the Nuggets’ customary comeback, LA was able to maintain its advantage, 28–24.

The Nuggets defeated the Lakers in a challenge to start the second quarter and narrowed their lead to two points. D’Lo continued to cook from beyond the arc, hitting another to increase their advantage to five points.

Although both teams’ play was poor, it was fast-paced and plenty of enthusiasm. After a few mistakes by LA, the game was decided at one point. D’Lo drilled three more holes to halt the bleeding. Fortunately, the purple and gold continued to hold a lead while the Nuggets seemed to get even more momentum.

AD was in charge of LA’s offensive game, playing a variety of positions and making many of his typical midrange jumpers. With AD leading the way, the Lakers played some of their finest basketball to end the first half. The Lakers lead 59-44 at the half as D’Lo made yet another three-pointer late in the half.

Lakers Vs Nuggets Game 2 Second Half

AD opened the second half with a and-one. The Lakers increased their advantage to 20 points when Austin Reaves made a 3-pointer, but the Nuggets responded with two quick baskets.

Even after the Nuggets hit a couple shots, including three more from MPJ, the purple and gold team still had the upper hand. But no matter what the Nuggets threw at him, AD was unstoppable. He was in the zone, playing some of his finest postseason hockey of his life.

The Nuggets closed the gap to 11 points with an 11-0 outburst. Unfortunately, AD was forced to miss the last minutes of the third quarter due to his four fouls, which was a big factor in helping LA maintain the advantage. Not unexpectedly, the Nuggets gained momentum.

Fortunately, D’Lo made another 3-pointer to halt the bleeding. By the conclusion of the third quarter, the Lakers were still ahead, 79-69.

Lakers Vs Nuggets Game 2 Final Quarter

At the beginning of the fourth, the Lakers’ advantage was just a few points. They needed to launch a momentum change, so tensions were high. Again coming off the bench to have an offensive effect, Taurean answered the call for LA by making another 3-pointer.

With the momentum moving in the Nuggets’ favor, it was down to a seven-point advantage for the purple and gold. Despite the fact that their other superstar, Jamal Murray, was not hitting his typical clutch baskets, Denver managed to trim the lead to five points.

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lakers vs nuggets


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