Is the ‘Pepito Manaloto’ cast bidding farewell?

Pepito Manaloto

Speculation swirls around the enduring GMA sitcom, suggesting that the show may be approaching its conclusion, as several cast members shared a photo of themselves embracing on their respective Instagram accounts.

The rumors of the show’s potential finale gained momentum earlier this week when one of its stars, John Feir, posted the photo with the caption, “Pamilya kami.” Adding to the speculation, the lead star, Michael V., also shared the same photo on his Facebook account.

In his post, the award-winning comedian, who also portrays the titular role, expressed gratitude to all the supporters of the show. “Pepito Manaloto is more than just a fictional family on TV,” Michael V. wrote. “It’s a real family that encompasses its cast, writers, staff, crew, the network, and, most importantly, our beloved audience. Maraming, maraming salamat po sa oras at pagmamahal ninyong lahat.”

The comments section of the post overflowed with warm messages from netizens, expressing how the show had become a cherished part of their weekends.

Last month, “Pepito Manaloto” celebrated its 14th year and maintained its status as one of the longest-running shows in Philippine television history.

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