Batangas Governor, Hermilando Mandanas Married at 80 years Old .

Batangas Governor Hermilando Mandanas, at 80 years old, tied the knot with lawyer Angelica Chua, his junior who is nearly 50 years younger than him, in a church wedding at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Batangas on May 8, 2024.

Hermilando Mandanas

The Union of Hermilando Mandanas and Angelica Chua: A Tale of Love and Legal Minds

The Marriage

The marriage of Hermilando Chua and Angelica Chua was a significant event that garnered attention from both the legal and local community. The details of their wedding ceremony were kept private, as the couple preferred to celebrate this momentous occasion in a more intimate setting with family and close friends.

The significance of their union lies in the coming together of two individuals who have not only found love and companionship in each other but also share a passion for justice and the rule of law. Hermilando Chua, a respected lawyer known for his integrity and dedication to his profession, and Angelica Chua, a prominent figure in the local community known for her philanthropic efforts, have both made significant contributions to society in their respective fields.

The reactions from the legal community were largely positive, with many of Hermilando’s colleagues expressing their happiness and support for the couple. Their union was seen as a testament to the enduring power of love and the importance of finding a life partner who shares your values and beliefs.

In the local community, their marriage was celebrated as a symbol of hope and unity, showing that love knows no boundaries and can bring people together from different backgrounds and walks of life. Their wedding served as a reminder of the importance of love, respect, and understanding in building a strong and harmonious society.


Hermilando Mandanas

Hermilando Mandanas is a prominent Filipino lawyer and politician. He is known for his significant contributions to Philippine governance and his involvement in various legal and political affairs.

Career and Achievements:

Hermilando Mandanas began his career as a lawyer, specializing in taxation and local government law. He served as the Governor of Batangas Province from 1995 to 2004 and was re-elected for another term from 2007 to 2016. During his tenure, he implemented various programs for the development of Batangas, focusing on infrastructure, education, and healthcare.

Mandanas also served as a Member of the House of Representatives, representing the 2nd District of Batangas from 2004 to 2007. He was instrumental in crafting laws that aimed to improve governance and promote economic development in the Philippines.

One of his notable achievements is his involvement in the Supreme Court case that led to the Mandanas-Garcia ruling. This ruling increased the internal revenue allotment (IRA) share of local government units (LGUs), significantly boosting their fiscal autonomy and capacity to deliver public services.

Legal Practice and Involvement in the Legal Community:

Aside from his political career, Hermilando Mandanas is highly respected in the legal community. He is known for his expertise in taxation and local government law, providing legal counsel to various organizations and individuals.

Mandanas is also actively involved in legal associations and organizations. He has been a member of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) and has participated in legal forums and discussions on various legal issues affecting the Philippines.

Overall, Hermilando Mandanas is a distinguished figure in Philippine law and politics, known for his dedication to public service and his contributions to legal and governance reforms in the country.


Angelica Chua

Angelica Chua is a notable figure in the legal profession, particularly known for her role as a junior lawyer under Mandanas. She has gained recognition for her contributions and accomplishments in the field.

Chua’s career began to flourish as she honed her legal skills working alongside Mandanas, where she likely gained valuable experience and mentorship. This period likely shaped her understanding of the legal landscape and provided her with the foundation to excel in her career.

While specific details about Angelica Chua’s career and accomplishments may not be readily available, it’s evident that her time as a junior lawyer under Mandanas was pivotal in shaping her professional journey.

The Relationship Between Hermilando Mandanas and Angelica Chua

Hermilando Mandanas and Angelica Chua met at a professional networking event where they were both invited as guest speakers. Mandanas, a seasoned entrepreneur, was impressed by Chua’s innovative ideas and business acumen. Chua, on the other hand, admired Mandanas’s success and leadership skills. They exchanged contact information and stayed in touch, occasionally meeting at industry events and conferences.

Their relationship evolved from a professional acquaintance to a close friendship as they discovered shared interests and values. They began collaborating on projects and supporting each other’s businesses, deepening their bond. Over time, they realized that their connection went beyond business; they had developed a strong personal connection and started spending more time together outside of work.

However, their relationship faced challenges, primarily due to their busy schedules and the demands of their respective businesses. Balancing their professional commitments with their personal relationship required effort and compromise. They also faced external pressures and scrutiny, as their friendship raised eyebrows in their social and professional circles.

Despite these challenges, Mandanas and Chua’s relationship continued to grow stronger. They supported each other through tough times, celebrated each other’s successes, and found joy in each other’s company. Their relationship was built on mutual respect, trust, and admiration, which helped them overcome obstacles and deepen their bond over time.

Implications and Future

Speculating on the potential impact on Governor Hermilando Mandanas’s career and reputation, as well as the role of Chua in his professional life, can be intriguing but should be approached with caution due to the speculative nature of such discussions.

Governor Hermilando Mandanas’s career and reputation may be influenced by various factors, including his performance in office, public perception, and political developments. If Chua is indeed involved in Mandanas’s professional life, their relationship could impact how Mandanas is perceived by the public and his peers. However, without concrete information about their relationship and its dynamics, it’s challenging to predict the exact nature of its impact.

As for their future together, it depends on the nature of their relationship and their individual goals and aspirations. If they have a strong and supportive relationship, they may continue to work together and support each other’s endeavors. However, if there are conflicts or changes in their circumstances, their professional relationship could evolve in different directions.

In conclusion, while it’s interesting to speculate on these matters, it’s important to remember that these are personal and potentially sensitive topics that should be treated with respect and discretion.


Hermilando Mandanas and Angelica Chua’s union was a significant event in both their personal and professional lives. As they came together, their partnership not only symbolized a merging of two individuals but also of their respective careers and ambitions. Hermilando Mandanas, known for her bold and innovative approach to leadership, and Chua, with his strategic mindset and keen business acumen, formed a formidable duo.

Their union reflected a deep intertwining of their personal and professional lives. They not only shared their successes but also navigated challenges together, relying on each other’s strengths to overcome obstacles. Their partnership was built on mutual respect, trust, and a shared vision for the future.

In the public eye, their relationship served as an inspiration, showing that love and professional success can coexist harmoniously. Their ability to balance their personal and professional lives showcased their resilience and dedication to each other, inspiring others to strive for similar harmony in their own lives.

Hermiladno Mandanas and Angelica Chua’s union was a testament to the power of love and partnership, demonstrating that when two individuals come together with a shared purpose, they can achieve remarkable things both personally and professionally.


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